The tri-annual feast

A little over a year ago my wife and I were approached by two couples who, knowing our love for good food and wine, asked us to enter into an arrangement: each couple would be responsible once a year for hosting a dinner for the other two couples.  The idea was to (literally) share our passion for food over the dinner table three times a year.  The only condition was that everything was to be made from scratch.

It has now been a year since we began this delicious quest and, I must say, it’s been a rousing success!  Each of us has hosted one dinner and my wife and I are preparing this Friday to host our second.  While last year did not focus on any particular theme (excepting good food and wine), this year we’ve decided to go with an ethnic theme.  After much research and deliberation, we’ve decided to choose Argentina. Though our instincts drew us to such culinary landmarks as Italy and France, we wanted to do something outside of what might be considered the culinary norm.  Argentina looked like a good, safe bet aided by the fact that we already knew they had great wine (Malbec, for instance) and we love beef.

We are now two days away from our Argentinean evening.  The recipes have been chosen, the ingredients have been purchased and some preliminary preparation has begun (i.e. my sauce/marinade for the striploin).  Will keep you posted.  Hope to get some pics and video footage to highlight the evening.